Department of Health and Human Services

Measles - May 2003

Issued 2 May 2003

There have been four confirmed cases of measles in Melbourne in the last seventeen days. Three of the cases have occurred in the 18 to 35 year age group, which is an age group particularly susceptible to measles infection due to low immunisation coverage during their childhood. All four cases presented to hospital Accident and Emergency departments as well as to their general practionner. Three of the cases have been hospitalised.

There is also an ongoing outbreak of measles in the Bendigo area.

Criteria for notification

Measles is an illness characterised by:

What can you do?

Think measles in patients who present with a febrile rash illness.

Notify any patient that you suspect could have measles immediately to the Communicable Diseases Section, Department of Human Services, on telephone 1300 651 160 or facsimile 1300 651 170.

Take blood - serological confirmation is important.

Minimise transmission in your surgery by:

Treat susceptible contacts of a measles patient with:

Review the vaccination status of:

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