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The Victorian Stroke Clinical Network (VSCN) was established in October 2007. The primary role of the Stroke Clinical Network is to support implementation of the Stroke Care Strategy for Victoria which was released by the department in September 2007.

  Stroke Care Strategy for Victoria

  Stroke Care Strategy - An overview of recommendations

  Stroke Care Strategy for Victoria - The consumer focus

The role of the VSCN is to take a 'whole of Victoria' approach to enhance implementation of the Strategy. This is through provision of expert advice to promote better planning for and delivery of high quality, evidence based clinically effective stroke care services across the care continuum.

The VSCN provides a mechanism for clinicians to inform policy on stroke care and service delivery. The network membership is multidisciplinary comprising clinical, senior health service management, organisational and consumer representatives. The network meets on a regular basis and has established a number of task focussed sub-committees.

The VSCN has developed a work plan which is focused on implementing key recommendations from the Strategy.

Current activities and key results areas include:

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