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Practitioner Regulation in Victoria

Health Professions Registration Act 2005

In October 2002, the Department of Human Services commenced a review of the system of regulation of Victoria's registered health professions.  A detailed discussion paper was released in October 2003, and 116 submissions were received. Following analysis of the submissions, an options paper was released in April 2005, presenting a range of options for structural and legislative reform.  After a final round of consultation with stakeholders, the proposed reforms were finalised. 

The Health Professions Registration Act 2005 was passed by the Victorian Parliament on 23 November 2005, and received Royal Assent on 7 December 2005.  It came into operation on 1 July 2007 and repealed the eleven separate health practitioner registration Acts previously in operation (and section 108AL of the Health Act 1958 relating to medical radiation practitioners).

A copy of the Act may be accessed at the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents Website

The Act applies to the twelve health professions regulated in Victoria.  Its key features include:

Some minor amendments were recently made to the Act, prior to it coming into operation, to improve its functionality and address a number of minor omissions, and take into account developments occurring at the national level, to establish a national registration and accreditation scheme for the health professions by July 2008.

The following are links to the COAG communiques:

14 July 2006 (Facilitating Workforce Responsiveness and Mobility)

13 April 2007 (Health Workforce)

The information sheets below provide further information on the Act and the associated changes to the regulatory framework:

For further information on the background to the Act, see Completed Reviews relating to Health Practitioner Regulation

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