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Procurement reform in the Department

In February 2013, the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) introduced a new policy framework.

All government departments and agencies subject to Victorian Government Purchasing Board policy must transition to the new procurement framework by August 2014. To comply with this directive, the department is planning a gradual transition to the new framework during 2014-15.


The Victorian Government Purchasing Board's new procurement framework is supported by five policies. They are:


The department will ensure that all procurement activity continues to meet the following directives:

All procurement undertaken by the department will be in line with these policies and directives. During the transition period, suppliers may observe that procurement activities of the department are conducted differently to those of some other Departments.

Annual Procurement Plan

The department is in the process of preparing an Annual Procurement Plan with the aim of providing suppliers with an indication of the department’s forthcoming procurement activity.  The plan will be published when available.  For more information about the department’s Procurement Reform activity contact

More Information

Visit Victorian Government Procurement for more information about Victorian Government Purchasing Board frameworks.

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