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Building Aboriginal cultural competence

This page provides details about the Department of Health's Building Aboriginal cultural competence (BACC) training program.

The training program aims to embed cultural respect and understanding into the policy development, service delivery and people management practices of departmental and health services staff in a way that will improve the outcomes of Aboriginal people in Victoria.

The BACC training, which will be held in metropolitan and regional locations, provides participants with a unique opportunity to gain the skills and experience needed to be culturally aware and responsive.

The BACC programs support federal and Victorian government policy approaches to increasing Aboriginal participation in the Victorian public sector workforce. The training is a reflection of Victoria’s commitment to developing a culturally competent workforce that values and promotes strong relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Training programs

Three specifically designed programs will be provided to nominated health service staff in Victoria, from now until the end of 2012.

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Important note: All participants must have completed the foundation program (or equivalent level training program) before participating in the Leadership focus or the Policy and partnership development program.

The training programs will be delivered by the Koorie Heritage Trust (KHT) and the Kangan Institute Indigenous Education Centre.

Who should attend?

The BACC training program is particularly recommended for those staff who provide services to Aboriginal clients, work with Aboriginal colleagues or have an interest in building stronger relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in the workplace. Refer to the respective program descriptors for further information.

Further information

The BACC training program is an initiative of the Department of Health. Each health service will manage local communication and promotional activities. Programs will be administered jointly by the department and the health service.

For enquiries contact the Department of Health directly via email at