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Nurses at Royal Melbourne Hospital gown up in preparation for a case of Ebola

Ready to respond to potential ebola virus threat

Victorian Ebola Virus Disease Response Plan issued to hospitals outlines protocols and plans in response to West Africa outbreak.

Joan Stapleton receives iPad training

Free and accessible iPad training for seniors

Seniors Connect aims to help seniors stay connected to family friends, and improve their digital literacy in the comform of their own home.

crawling baby

Parliament passes donor information amendments

The new legislation brings the rights of donor conceived people born before 1988 into line with those born between 1988 and the end of 1997.

Chief Executive Officer Sue Matthews at the launch of Victoria’s Growing Together parenting kit, with families featured in the video

Parenting kit to be piloted at Women's in 2015

The new kit designed to help new parents navigate their way through the physical, emotional and mental health journey of early parenting.