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Food Safety

This Food Safety website provides information about food safety and food safety regulation for food businesses and community groups conducting food fundraisers.

Latest Food Recalls and media alerts

6 October 2015 Orthodox Coconut Palm - Undeclared allergen (dairy)
30 September 2015 Bioflex and Bulk Nutrients Pure Supplements - Undeclared allergen (dairy)
23 September 2015 Dooley’s Ice Cream 500 ml - Undeclared allergen (soy)
23 September 2015 Emma Instant Coconut Milk Powder - undeclared allergen (dairy)
9 September 2015 Coco Joy Pure Coconut Milk Flavours - Undeclared allergen (dairy)
3 September 2015 JL King and Co Gourmet Salads Fried Rice - Microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
21 August 2015 Cottage Cheese Farm Goats Fetta Cheese - Microbial (E.coli)
30 July 2015 Phoenix branded 330ml cola (single and 4 pack), lemonade, light cola, orange fizz and raspberry fizz – Foreign matter (glass fragments)
30 July 2015 Buchi Kombucha 500ml - product contains alcohol at levels that may potentially be intoxicating
4 June 2015 Woolworths Select Chicken & Vegetable Pies - Foreign matter (glass)
15 May 2015 Jim Jam Salsa - Undeclared allergen (gluten)
7 May 2015 La Famiglia Stone Baked Sourdough Garlic Bread - Foreign matter (metal pieces)
23 March 2015 Target Chocolate Easter Products - Undeclared allergens (tree nuts and peanuts)
13 March 2015 Timboon Fine Ice Cream Passionfruit Meringue - Undeclared allergen (Egg)
16 February 2015 Berries products recall and Hepatitis A - Frequently asked questions
16 February 2015 Frozen berries associated with Hepatitis A
14 February 2015 Nanna's Mixed Berries 1kg potential Hepatitis A
14 February 2015 Creative Gourmet Mixed Berries 300g and 500g potential Hepatitis A
5 February 2015 Brannans Butchery Roast Pork Chinese BBQ - Undeclared allergen (soy and sesame)
27 January 2015 Homebrand Black Olives Sliced - Foreign matter (glass)
24 December 2014 Cascade Apple Isle Sparkling Juice 750 ml - Packaging fault
23 December 2014 Pure Produce Honey Soy Artichoke Dip - Listeria monocytogenes contamination
28 November 2014 ALDI Berg Strassburg and ALDI Berg Skinless Hotdogs - microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
7 November 2014 Healthfarm Fine Foods - undeclared allergens (tree nuts, peanuts and sesame)
31 October 2014 Whole Perfect Vegetarian Chicken Cubes and Chicken Nuggets - Undeclared allergen (egg)
31 October 2014 Vegefarm Vege Beef Chunk - Undeclared allergens (Peanut, Egg and Sesame)
21 October 2014 Golden Circle Sliced Beetroot - potential for microbial growth
16 October 2014 Macro Wholefoods Market Raw Food Bar varieties - Undeclared allergen (peanut)
15 October 2014 Cocoa Belgian Milk Chocolate - Undeclared allergen (almond)
01 October 2014 Ikea Elk Shaped Pasta - Undeclared allergen (soy)
30 September 2014 Woolworths Macro Nuts Spreads - undeclared allergen (Tree nuts and peanuts)
30 September 2014 Fresh Fodder Blue Cheese and Pistachio - Microbial (Salmonella)
26 September 2014 Quorn Burger Patties - Foreign matter (blue plastic)
26 September 2014 Macro Almond, Brazil and Cashew Spread - Undeclared allergen (peanut)
14 September 2014 Coles Right Start Fruit and Fibre - Foreign matter (glass)
12 September 2014 Homebrand Honey Poppas - Foreign matter (glass)
1 September 2014 Has No Chickpea Chips - undeclared allergen (Gluten)
21 August 2014 Aprisnax Australian Raw Apricot Kernels - high levels of hydrocyanic acid
30 July 2014 Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Beanies - foreign matter (small plastic pieces)
25 July 2014 Spanish Doughnuts Flavour Filled Churros - Undeclared allergen (gluten)
15 July 2014 Chefs Cupboard Liquid Stock - Undeclared allergen (dairy)
3 July 2014 Pure Pie Free Range Braised Beef Red Wine & Rosemary Pie-Presence of foreign matter (glass)
1 July 2014 Macro Natural Five Grain Porridge - The presence of undeclared allergen (sesame seeds)
25 June 2014 Mama Chow Beef Bulgogi Gyoza- Presence of foreign matter(clear/white plastic)
13 June 2014 Macro Organic Tomato Chicken with Pasta Puree -Foreign matter (metal)
3 June 2014 Redwood Co - Wot No Dairy? Raspberry Dessert - Undeclared allergen (dairy)
23 May 2014 Jonny's Popcorn Delights Choc Chip - Undeclared allergen (peanuts and tree nuts)
21 May 2014 The Bar Counter, Chocolate Brownie Crunch High Protein Bar - Undeclared allergen (almond)
19 May 2014 Coles RSPCA approved Chicken Kiev Undeclared allergens (Gluten, Milk, Egg and Soy)
9 May 2014 Woolworths Select Finishing Sauce Undeclared allergen (dairy)
15 May 2014 Black and Gold Apple Pie - Undeclared allergen (dairy)
15 May 2014 Just Entrees Chicken Liver Brandy Port and Sage Pate - Microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
6 May 2014 Dexaprine XR - contains prescription medicines and prohibited levels of caffeine
24 April 2014 Ocean Chef Salt Water Barramundi - Foreign matter (metal)
11 April 2014 Smoked Sea Salt Gourmet Seasoning - Undeclared allergen (soy)
9 April 2014 Coles Easter Eggs - Undeclared allergen (tree nuts)
4 April 2014 Freedom Foods Rice Bars - Undeclared allergen (dairy)
27 March 2014 Nutra Organics Energy Bars - Undeclared allergens (milk, peanuts and almonds)
25 March 2014 Holland House Lumpfish Black Caviar - Foreign matter (glass)
6 March 2014 Whitestone Windsor Blue Cheese - Microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
13 February 2014 Various KV Dairy, Grand Chef and Grand Food Cheese and Butter Products - Microbial (possible Listeria monocytogenes)
8 February 2014 Berri Prima Tropicool Twirler Fruit Drink - Microbial (suspected spoilage bacteria)
7 February 2014 Coles Beef Burgers - Undeclared allergen (gluten)
31 January 2014 Woolworths Select Flavoured Cashews - Thai Style Sweet Chilli - Undeclared allergen (peanut)
24 January 2014 Mrs Mac's Microwave Pies - Packaging fault
24 January 2014 Green Time Natural Coconut Drink – undeclared allergen (milk)
23 January 2014 KV Dairy Tulum Cheese- Microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
15 January 2014 Ashgrove and Emporium Cheese Varieties - microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
24 December 2013 Brumby's Bakery Gourmet Christmas pudding – media release and allergen warning
3 December 2013 Vodka Cruiser Sugar Free Pomegranate and Guava - non-compliant labelling (the product does not include a mandatory warning statement for phenylalanine)
27 November 2013 Coles Corned Beef Silverside - undeclared allergen (sulphite)
18 November 2013 Tramin Pinot Grigio 2012 white wine - undeclared allergen (sulphite)
4 November 2013 Haldiram's Nagpur Indian Snacks 'Tasty Nuts' spiced coated fried peanuts - Biotoxin (Aflatoxin)
21 October 2013 Brannans Butchery Thai Style Chicken Breast Kebabs - undeclared allergen (soy and sulphite)
17 October 2013 Macro Food Baby Puree - packaging fault
25 September 2013 Mrs Crimbles Choc Macaroons - undeclared allergen (dairy)
12 September 2013 Four 'N Twenty Aussie Pastie - foreign matter (plastic)
23 August 2013 Black and Gold Broccoli Florets - foreign matter (glass)
15 August 2013 Schulz Organic Full Cream Milk - microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
15 August 2013 Doodles Creek Caesar Dressing - undeclared allergen (dairy)
14 August 2013 Shahjalal Vegetable Singhara - undeclared allergen (peanut)
6 August 2013 Eden Smokehouse Smoked Mussels Mexican Chilli Microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
19 July 2013 'beng-beng' Chocolate Bar Box - undeclared allergen (dairy)
7 June 2013 Ajitas Vege Deli Crisps - undeclared allergen (dairy)
12 April 2013 Liberty Gluten Free Lamingtons (undeclared allergen – gluten)
12 April 2013 Alligator Brand Veal Ravioli - undeclared allergen (soy)
10 April 2013 Macro Vegetarian Roasted Vegetable Split Pea & Spinach Bites - foreign matter contamination (metal)
5 February 2013 Woolworths Turkey – Foreign Matter Contamination (clear plastic)
1 February 2013 Blue Cheese - microbial (Listeria monocytogenes)
22 January 2013 The Market Grocer Raisins and Fruit & Nut Mix - undeclared allergen (sulphur dioxide)

What's New

We celebrated World Health Day: Food Safety on Tuesday 7 April at Collingwood Children's Farm

The Minister for Health, the Hon. Jill Hennessy visits the Food Safety stand for World Health DayWorld Health Day 2015

For World Health Day: Food Safety the Food Safety team held a challenge for visitors to Collingwood Children’s Farm to raise awareness of food safety. With the theme ‘From farm to plate, make food safe’ the setting was perfect. Food safety questions were posted around the farm and correct answers were rewarded with prizes.

The Minister for Health, the Hon. Jill Hennessy, and the Minister for Agriculture, the Hon. Jaala Pulford visited the farm to focus attention on the importance of food safety.

Our thanks go to Collingwood Children’s Farm for helping the Food Safety Unit host World Health day.

The Food safety program template for class 2 retail and food service businesses No.1 version 3 is available for purchase

SAI Global is now selling the DHHS Food safety program template No.1 version 3 in hard copy. Please note the electronic version (PDF) of the DH FSP No.1 version 3 remains free to download here.

Purchase from SAI Global can be completed the following ways;

  • Online
  • Phone: 13 12 42
  • Shop front at Unit 3, 18 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

The template costs $86.90 (including GST), plus postage.

This template includes shorter simpler records, enhanced instructions about how to handle food safely, new information on allergies and labelling, instructions about handling raw eggs and raw egg products and up-to-date information for food vans and stalls.

Shop, store, cook and eat safe

Shop, store, cook and eat safe

Victorians are urged to shop, store, cook and eat safe as part of a new Department of Health & Human Services campaign targeting safe food practice in the home. Brian, Bobby, Billy and Bernie bacteria star in the fun animation that reminds us to keep bacteria at bay by handling food safely. The animation can also be viewed in Arabic, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.



New information for Community Group Food Fundraisers

Community Groups Fundraising Events Food Safety Obligations - Food Safety Obligations

The Department of Health & Human Services has developed a short video and interactive website to help community groups understand and meet their food safety obligations when selling food to raise funds in Victoria.

The video, which is also posted on YouTube provides an informative insight into community group fund-raising activities while the website covers a range of topics, including community group obligations under the Victorian Food Act.

The website has been designed especially for first time users and those whose first language is other than English and we are encouraging councils throughout Victoria to promote the website to their local communities.

One of the key features of the website is a simple, interactive decision tree which takes users through a series of questions to arrive at their food premises’ classification.

After working through the decision tree, event organisers are directed to the appropriate business registration /notification system, depending on their food handling activities. For example, a food van or stall organiser will be directed to the online Streatrader system.

The decision tree is hosted on the Department of Health & Human Services food safety website. If you have any questions about the program, please send them to:

Donating food to emergency services

If you'd like to donate food - or help in any other way - during an emergency, the Donating food to emergency services flyer will help you determine the best way to assist.

Link to Streatrader external website

Registering your temporary and mobile food premises

Streatrader allows businesses and community groups that sell food from stalls and vans to make a registration application, lodge a notification or Statement of Trade, manage information and pay fees online to their principal council. This can be done anytime day or night with no need to go to the council office.  Once your application has been accepted by your principal council, you can trade anywhere in Victoria.

For further information on registering your temporary and mobile food premises, please visit the Streatrader website.

Food Safety Supervisor training for Hospitality – update to course codes

Please note the Food Safety Supervisor training for Hospitality has updated competency codes and titles. The Food Safety Supervisor fact sheet is available here with further information on where to find registered training organisations that offer this training and what sector training is best suited for you.

Community group temporary and mobile food premises template - Class 2 now available

The popular "Events" template has been updated and is now the "Community group temporary and mobile food premises template - Class 2". You can download the template at Community Groups.

This template is for community groups that operate temporary or mobile food premises that sell food and have been advised by council their activities fall under class 2.

Translated versions are now available in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese:

Inter-agency Memorandum of Understanding for food regulation

The Department of Health & Human Services, PrimeSafe, Dairy Food Safety Victoria and the Municipal Association of Victoria (representing local councils in Victoria) work together to ensure safe food is sold in Victoria. The MoU is an agreement on what agency takes the lead role in regulation. See Victorian food agencies roles & collaboration.